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Melbourne, 29 July 2020 – Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund maintains SUPERIOR rating.

Australia Ratings Analytics (Australia Ratings) has reviewed the Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund (the Fund) and has maintained its investment rating of SUPERIOR. A Product Complexity Indicator of ‘BLUE’ has also been assigned to designate the view that the Fund is a RELATIVELY SIMPLE financial product, indicating that the strategies used to outperform are well documented and do not include the use of leverage or derivatives for trading purposes. 

SUPERIOR rating is the highest rating on the investment rating scale used by Australia Ratings. A SUPERIOR investment rating indicates the highest level of confidence that the Fund can deliver a risk-adjusted return in line with the Fund’s investment objectives.

The Sandhurst Strategic Income Fund is managed by Sandhurst Trustees Limited and invests primarily in Australian dollar denominated cash, money market securities, and asset-backed securities. The portfolio is actively managed to minimise capital loss and to provide consistent income over time.

The Fund offers quarterly income and, since inception in 2011, has delivered to its objective. The Fund has provided returns of 0.40% over the benchmark on a five-year basis, while maintaining a high level of capital stability and liquidity.

Australia Ratings’ analyst, Maggie Callinan, says “The investment process is robust and benefits from the experienced management team”, and she adds that “their approach is conservative, technical, and highly analytical, employing a well-defined and rigorous process. Over the last year, the Investment Manager has strengthened their credit analysis capability, macro-economic analysis, the team and the Investment Committee”.

A full rating report is available from


Maggie Callinan, Director, 03 8080 6684


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