Credit Training

Credit Training Workshops

Credit Training

Credit Training Workshops.

Develop and enhance credit skills through our structured and systematic approach to evaluating a company’s creditworthiness. Our courses are presented by experienced members of the Australia Ratings team. Participants can learn from real examples and discuss credit issues with our analysts.

Courses are offered on an enrolment basis and can be customised to meet specific credit training needs such as:

  • in-house briefings;
  • half-day work shops; and  
  • in-depth multi-day credit training courses on specific industry sectors. 

Our workshops are designed to leave participants with a solid foundation of knowledge of how debt and financial markets work, and how the evaluation of credit risk is undertaken.

The comprehensive sessions are delivered as four two-hour modules:

  • Module One: Introduction to Debt Finance
  • Module Two: Introduction to Credit Analysis
  • Module Three: Introduction to Financial Risk and Ratio Analysis
  • Module Four: Introduction to Credit Ratings

Click here to download our workshop brochure for a detailed breakdown of each module.

For more information about our training workshops, contact us.