Melbourne - 15 June 2018 - Australia Ratings has withdrawn its ‘COMPETENT’ investment rating to the Cyan C3G Fund.  A COMPETENT investment rating indicates that the fund may deliver a return in line with the fund’s relevant benchmark; based on an investment rating scale used by Australia Ratings to indicate how well we believe a fund will perform against a range of risks.

Australia Ratings has also withdrawn its Product Complexity Indicator of ‘BLUE’ classifying the fund as a relatively simple financial product.

Cyan 3G Fund is managed by Cyan Investment Management and was established in July 2014.


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Australia Ratings is a local, independent rating agency that provides timely and credible ratings information and research to the broader investment community.As an ASIC-licensed rating agency, we provide general advice by issuing credit ratings on debt securities and companies; and fund ratings on Australian managed funds.We are Australia’s only agency that holds a retail Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). This enables both retail and wholesale investors to use our credit ratings to help them gauge credit risk and complexity of financial products sold in the Australian market.

Rating opinions of Australia Ratings are determined by its analytical team in accordance with its rating methodology. The Board of Australia Ratings whose members include Jarrod Brown, Chris Dalton and Mike Dontschuk oversee the application of Australia ratings rating methodology and the integrity of the rating process.


Melbourne - 15 June 2018 -  The Queensland Government is leading the way by developing a new financial provisioning scheme for the resources sector (the Scheme). The innovative new Scheme reduces the risks to taxpayers resulting from unmet rehabilitation and environmental obligations for any disturbed land resulting from a resources project.

We are very proud to announce that we are well progressed on designing the Scheme, with the recent selection and appointment of a Risk Advisor. The Risk Advisor we have selected to assist in the design, implementation and operation of the Scheme is a Consortium led by KPMG that includes Advisian and Australia Ratings.

In late 2017, KPMG and Australia Ratings were engaged for the preliminary design and development of the risk rating process for the Scheme.

The Queensland Government sees the implementation of the Scheme as a significant step forward for the industry and has a strong desire to continue KPMG and Australia Ratings involvement to implement and operate the risk assessment process component of the Scheme, with the additional support of Advisian.

For the Scheme to operate successfully, advice provided to the Scheme Manager must be based on robust methodology, delivered by advisors with the respect and trust of key stakeholders. The combination of Advisian, Australia Ratings and KPMG, all of which have a proven track record of being able to successfully collaborate on such exercises, delivers on all these requirements. They will work with industry to successfully implement and operate the Scheme.

About the Consortium

KPMG is a leading respected brand in the market, known for regularly developing bespoke and innovative solutions for its clients. KPMG have a strong presence and extensive experience in the resources industry. KPMG works shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients with passion and purpose to deliver real results.

Advisian is the independent global advisory and consulting division of the WorleyParsons Group that provides extensive operational knowledge and experience in the resources sector. Advisian’s offering encompasses deep expertise and advice to clients, not only in the resources industry, but also a well proven track record of advising governments across Australia.

Australia Ratings is an ASIC licenced credit rating agency with demonstrated strength in assessing credit risk of debt securities and providing financial risk assessments having developed bespoke and innovative credit rating processes and methodologies appropriate for Australia’s financial system.


Chris Dalton, Managing Director, Australia Ratings 03 8080 6684

Kirsten Vagne,Project Director, Queensland Treasury


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