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Australia Ratings is a local, independent rating and research firm that provides timely and credible ratings information and research to the Australian investment community.

As an ASIC-licensed rating agency, we provide general advice by issuing:

  • credit ratings on debt securities and companies; and
  • investment ratings on Australian managed funds and other investment products.

We are Australia’s only research firm that holds two retail Australian Financial Services Licences (AFSL). This enables both retail and wholesale investors to use our credit and investment ratings to help them gauge credit and investment risk and complexity of financial products offered in the Australian market.

Since 2010, we have assessed creditworthiness of debt issues, companies, and fixed-income managed funds and have conducted customised analytical assessments. In 2014, we began assigning and reviewing ratings and product complexity indicators to ASX-listed debt and hybrid securities.

Today, we continue to bring independent, forward-looking opinion that is timely and easily accessible to the investment community. Building on our core analytical capability, we have expanded to include rating funds and investment products in our services range.


Credit Analysts
Our credit ratings team has over 80 years’ combined experience in assigning credit ratings and in-depth knowledge in the Australian debt market. Since 2010, we have assessed creditworthiness across a broad range of industries including financial institutions, corporates, and infrastructure entities.

Investment Analysts
Our investment ratings team includes highly-qualified seasoned researchers with broad industry experience gained in various roles and organisations across a variety of asset classes. Our research service includes investment ratings, research reports, and Operational Capability Assessments.


Local knowledge, experience, and market factors are the focus of Australia Ratings’ ratings and reports. Our ratings seek to differentiate risks in investment and financial products.

Our Product Complexity Indicators provide further insight into debt and fund products to simply highlight complexity introduced to the investment by the terms and conditions of the investment or financial product.


Australia Ratings assigns credit ratings, investment ratings, and product complexity indicators. We provide a subscription research service of debt and hybrid securities listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Australia Ratings receives fees from issuers of debt securities, managers of investment funds, subscribers to our private research, or organisations that seek an Operational Capability Assessment.

To preserve the integrity of the credit rating process, we have adopted the International Organization of Securities Commission's (IOSCO) Code of Conduct for Credit Rating Agencies. Our policies and procedures are in place to ensure conflicts of interest are managed and the analytical independence is maintained.

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Melbourne, 25 September 2017

Australia Ratings is pleased to inform that we’ve made some changes to our website. The new menu layout coincides with the release of Investment Ratings – our new fund ratings and research service - and is designed to help you gain quick and easy access to related content.

Some important changes include

  • ASX Research, Listed Debt Indices & Fund Credit Rating Reports now located under Credit Ratings
  • Operational Capability Assessments, Private Analytical Services & Training located under Analytical Services
  • Login process remains the same and should not be affected.

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